Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Almost another month passed by again!

Well, here I go again! Didn't post on my blog for almost a month:) Why does time have to fly like this?
Finished another quilt for a sweet customer in Illinois. I used pretty Tanya Whelan fabrics for this one with a matching flannel for the backing. I made a matching pillow as well. This quilt is so soft and cuddly warm, I probably have to make one for myself one day. It is getting really cold around here!!
I took some pics of it to share with you:)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tula Pink Nest Quilt

As promised, here is the other ( my third) quilt I finished this week. I made it with fabrics from Tula Pink's "Nest" line which has been discontinued. Aren't those colors vibrant? I love it:) It measures 48 x 48 inches and could be used as a baby quilt, wallhanging, or table topper. The possibilities are endless with this quilt. I personally like it for a baby's nursery since it so colorful! With the beautiful backing it could also be reversible:) I have several other quilts waiting to be quilted on my longarm machine so off I go:)
Until next time......

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hipster and Shabby Chic Quilts

Hello again!

Another month passed by since my last blog post:( I really don't know why time goes by so fast!! I think I am in desperate need of some time management skills here:) Also, I am pretty forgetful nowadays which doesn't help the cause. However, I am never short of time when it comes to quilting and sewing:)))) I finished three quilts this week! Yeah, I am surprised as well. How did I do that?:)
So here are two of the quilts that I got done. The other one will be posted this week(if I don't forget)!

The typewriter quilt is for my daughter's coworker who is having a baby shower next week. It is also listed in my etsy shop as a custom order. I think this quilt is pretty gender neutral and kind of hipster style.

The following quilt was made for my friend who will have her baby girl right before Thanksgiving. I have made this quilt several times over, one even went to Japan. The japanese lady absolutely loves roses and this quilt fit the bill:)

The next quilt I will post this week was made with Tula Pink's "Nest" fabrics. I don't think you can find those fabrics in stores anymore. Pretty rare indeed.

Have a wonderful quilty day!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Patchwork Quilts Galore

Hello Friday!

Here are a few more pics of some quilts I've made:)
 For this quilt I used Heather Bailey's "Nicey Jane" fabrics with a Tumbler pattern.
 Another tumbler quilt. This time I used Tanya Whalan's "Dolce" fabrics with an overall flower quilting pattern.
 Again, another Tanya Whelan fabric quilt. This line is called "Darla" and it is my absolute favorite fabric line to date. Some of the prints are very hard to find nowadays.
This is definitely a fall themed quilt using Moda's "Wee Wonderland" fabric line which is also out of print. I just love the the whimsical feel of it.

Hope you enjoy looking:) Have a wonderful weekend! Until next time.....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Time flies when you're busy quilting!

Wow, it has been quite a while since I posted on my blog! Talk about neglect:) However, I have a pretty good excuse for being absent. My new longarm machine and I were getting very well acquainted during the last few months and we seem to be getting along famously. I eventually will post some photos of my new "baby" and my little quilting space when I have a working camera again. Also, I have yet to decide on what name I should give my longarm machine:)  I eventually will come up with something! Here are a few pictures of some of the quilts I have made so far. I've used Kumari Garden fabrics with Kona Snow in the first quilt.  The second quilt was made with the Moda Rose Parade fabric line which was so popular at a local craft show. Everybody seemed to love these fabrics which are not available anymore. Hope you'll enjoy these pics, more will follow:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 8, 2013

First Blog Post! Yeah:)


My first blog post in years, oh how time flies! Just wanted to share that I finally finished a quilt for my daughter. She has wanted a quilt for the longest time, but I didn't find the time to finish it. It was pieced for about a year or two (again, time flies). It's a good thing I've waited this long to get it quilted though:)  My sweet husband surprised me with a longarm machine last year and now I can practice my quilting on all the many pieced quilts that have been hiding in the closet for years. I even ventured out and quilted some customer quilts as well. All I can say that I'm having so much fun quilting on my new "toy".
So here are some pictures of her so long awaited quilt. I've used a Moda Layer Cake from the collection called "Hideaway". The backing is the cutest fabric ever, it's a Swiss inspired village:) The quilting design is an allover swirl which gives the quilt a wonderful texture. My daughter loves this quilt and so does her cat:)
I sure hope I can attach the pictures correctly, I am a bit rusty in this blogging adventure:)

Have a wonderful quilty day!